City Leash


How do you stay in control of your dog ​​in a crowded place or on a busy street?

The answer is the City Leash and even better the eco Hempsy city leash , then you can be sure that it will bring a smile with its reliability  – after all, function with sustainability= Happiness!

The leash is equipped with an additional handle that will increase control and contact with your dog.

Hemp is extremely durable, so the leash will last you for years. The lanyard is hand-made in Poland – no harmful waste or pollution is generated during its production. Finally, it is worth adding that the Leash can be easily washed in the washing machine, easily removing and dirt from your walks.

The leash is made with 20mm width webbing and it’s about 170 cm long. Please pick the right size of clip hook for your dog.

City Leash
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