Leash Coupler


Who said that you can only have one dog? The more barking happiness – the better. There’s just one thing – how to maintain order within the pack on a walk? Fortunately Hempsy has a solution. Our Leash Coupler is a simple, natural and effective way to hold two leashes in one place.

One coupler to rule them all. 

Our Leash Coupler is a comfortable way for a walk of three. So don’t wait and order it now. Enjoy your collective walk.

Size: width 20mm, length max 1 meter on each side

Hemp is extremely durable, so Hempsy products will last you for years. Our products are hand-made in Poland – no harmful waste or pollution is generated during its production. Finally, it is worth adding that the coupler can be easily washed in the washing machine, easily removing and dirt from your walks.


  • made of 100% natural fibers
  • we produce in Poland
  • endurance tested on ferocious animals
  • safe and natural product

Hempsy products are handmade – we are open to modifications that will be the most suitable for your dog. Write to us!

Leash Coupler
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