Long Adjustable Dog Leash 2.5m


A long, adjustable leash is a convenient solution for every walk. Now in the latest version which we have created based on the opinions of our testers, It is also perfect as a training leash.

Hempsy meets these needs – this is a solid Adjustable leash, up to 2.5 m long and 2cm width.

Depending on your needs, it can be shorter or longer. This  leash is also an indispensable tool for dog training.

Thanks to the rings, you can also attach your waste bags or doggie treats.

Hemp is extremely durable, so the leash will last you for years. Our products are hand-made in Poland – no harmful waste or pollution is generated during its production. Finally, it is worth adding that the Leash can be easily washed in the washing machine, easily removing and dirt from your walks.

Dedicated to medium and smaller breeds . If you have a larger dog, we will change the fittings to more durable ones (only in the silver option). Let us know in the order if you need any special requirement.


  • made of 100% natural fibers from organic farming
  • we produce in Poland
  • endurance tested on ferocious animals
  • safe and natural product

Hempsy products are handmade – we are open to modifications that will be the most suitable for your dog. Write to us!

Long Adjustable Dog Leash 2.5m
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