Natural Rope Toy – Small

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The small dog rope toy is made of natural fibers. Its strength has been proven over the centuries in the form of marine ropes. It was also put through vigorous testing by our greatest testers, our pet dogs.

These all natural small dog rope toys are free from any chemical additives. In other words – it is 100% ecological, reducing plastic in your dog, you and your household!

Hempsy rope toys are safe to be eaten, with no plastic in the dog’s system. They also work well with gently cleaning the teeth!


  • made of 100% natural fibers from organic farming
  • we produce in Poland
  • endurance tested on ferocious animals
  • safe and natural product

Hempsy products are handmade – we are open to modifications that will be the most suitable for your dog. Write to us!

Please keep in mind that the small toy is great for smaller and medium breeds (20 mm thick).

Length of the toy:

  • 40 cm (2 knots) or
  • 60 cm (3 knots)

If you happen to have a Larger Hound – please check out our Big Rope Toy.

Warning: All Hempsy rope products should not be machine washed. If dirty – allow to dry and brush with a soft brush.

Natural Rope Toy – Small
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