Chewing dog toys – fun and useful!

What do dogs like to do, apart from sniffing? To bite, of course! It is one of their most basic needs, especially in the puppy stage of their lives. Dog babies use whatever they can to satisfy this profound need – e.g. your slippers or shoe laces. However, older dogs also need to bite and it is absolutely natural. 

For dogs, biting is an activity that engages them not only physically but also mentally. It helps them discharge excess energy and can also de-stress them very effectively. It is means both entertainment and essential effort. Since this is such an important canine activity, it is worth taking care of a suitable chewing toy for your pet, which at the same time will do its job and will be safe. Such as Hempsy dog toys

Safety first!

There are many types of dog chews on the market. However, the vast majority of them are made of synthetic materials – various types of silicone, rubber or plastic. It is not uncommon, especially in the case of these cheaper toys, that toxic substances are used in their production process. Their trace amounts can be found in the final product, which is especially harmful to the dog if it bites off and swallows a piece of the teether. Therefore, when considering such a purchase, always check the composition of the product. But even these better-quality toys are made from petroleum products and are wrapped in successive layers of plastic. So they simply pose a burden to the environment and it is not good to be eaten! We mean – would you chew on plastic and swallow? 

Our answer is Hempsy chew toys, and, of course, these are made of hemp fibers! It’s a 100% natural material. Its production at the stage of plant cultivation does not require pesticides and uses little water, and no chemicals or dyes are used during its further processing. Thanks to this, the rope we braid from it is hypoallergenic, does not cause irritation and is 100% safe for dogs, even if a fragment is swallowed. It’s like eating a plant. 

Power of nature

But can a simple piece of string cope with dog’s teeth?

No problem! true hemp is considered the most powerful plant fiber and has served mankind for thousands of years. For centuries, marine ropes were woven from this material to withstand enormous loads and friction, helping to control sails and masts. They are therefore extremely durable, which is why they are perfect for your dogs to chew and pull hard during walks.

Additionally, the fiber is relatively coarse so that it rubs plaque and plaque from your dog’s teeth when chewed. So it also has a positive effect on the health of your pet. Pleasant and useful!



For the small and the big

At Hempsy, we follow the principle that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for all dogs. This is also the case with dog chew toys. That’s why we have prepared them in several variants. First, you have a choice of two thicknesses of rope – 2 cm or 4 cm. Of course, the thicker the rope, the heavier the toy. Therefore, for the pooch to cope with it, we recommend the thicker version for dogs weighing over 15 kg, and for smaller pets – we suggest this thinner, lighter option.

The second feature where you have options for both rope thicknesses is the length of the toy. You can tie the knots on the rope as you like. The 40 cm version allows you to easily tie two thick knots, one at each end. On the one with a length of 60 cm, apart from two knots at the ends, you can easily tie a third one in the middle.

Solo or duo?

As a rule, for one dog, a rather shorter version is enough, whether it is for quiet chewing at home or retrieving on walks. The longer one will work well when you have more than one animal. But in fact, there is full freedom in it – two of them can also successfully wrestle on a shorter rope, while another pooch will be satisfied with a long toy exclusively. The largest chews available will work especially for TTB and other strong or large breeds, because thanks to their considerable weight they help to tire the dog faster.

But we wouldn’t be ourselves if we didn’t give you the opportunity to personalize our teethers. Therefore, if you need a version longer than 60 cm or you have another interesting idea, just contact us and we will do our best for you!

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