The Hempsy Story

Hempsy is a joint project of people from Poland and the United States. We share a love for dogs and the desire to create products that are truly environmentally friendly. Hempsy is part of Natural Materials Unlimited. One of our core product groups is pet and dog accesories  which are made of natural materials and do not have a negative impact on nature.

What is Hempsy made of and why?

Plant fibers are the perfect material for making Hempsy. Primarily because they do not affect the animal’s skin, are allergic-neutral, and at the same time are characterized by high durability and resistance to external factors.

The raw materials we use are grown organically. Their cultivation also requires much less water than cotton, and growing them significantly improves the condition of the soil. They are simply renewable. Natural fibers are not treated with chemicals in any way. That is one of the reasons why our dog toys are absolutely good for your pet & safe to be eaten. 

All our products are made by hand, in Poland. This way we not only support the environment, but also local craftsmen, and you can be sure that each product purchased from us is one of its kind and made with love!

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