Why is it that by investing in a better product you actually make savings? We explain in the basis of fast fashion and Hempsy accessories.

We live in a dynamic world where temporality rules. It is particularly visible in the textile industry – ultra fast fashion reigns there. We can choose from thousands of new clothes that we can buy without leaving home. Since these clothes follow the current trends and cost little, investing in more expensive clothes might seem pointless. This saving, however, is only apparent, short-sighted and unethical. Find out why, by choosing a more expensive, decent product, you not only care about your budget, but also about other people and the planet!

Must-have today, trash tomorrow

Clothes for pennies are usually a short-term purchase not only because of fashion ageing quickly. Made of poor-quality materials, they deteriorate quite fast, so they won’t last long. Most of them are made of cheap synthetics, e.g. polyester, which is a derivative of petroleum. By choosing them, we not only harm our skin, but also raise the demand for plastics. And this is just the beginning of ecological problems. 

When these clothes end their short lives, many of them end up in garbage. Often these are illegal landfills, such as those located in the Atacama Desert in Chile. Annually it sums up to nearly 40 thousand tons of clothes from all over the world! This is as much as the total weight of 140 Airbus A380 planes – the world’s largest aircraft. 









From this type of waste, microplastics are released into the environment. It gets into water and soil, from where it goes to plants, and finally to our plates. As a result of this phenomenon, each of us eats an estimated 5 g of plastic (i.e. one credit card) a week!

Who actually pays for this?

On one of the most popular online clothing sales platforms, several thousand new items are added every day, and the average product price there is about 10 USD (even 10 bucks if on discount!). Such attractive prices are partly due to the exploitation of workers who sew these clothes for over 12 hours a day, receiving inadequate remuneration for it. So these people contribute to such purchases with their sweat and health.

However, consumers also lose money in the long run. Due to the poor durability of these clothes and changing trends, they buy new items from time to time. These expenses, seemingly imperceptible due to low unit prices, add up to considerable amounts in a short time.

A sustainable alternative

Although this problem is most clearly visible in clothing, it actually also applies to other areas of trade – e.g. sports equipment, home furnishings or accessories for animals. Fortunately, we have more and more alternative companies that create their products focus on their high quality, neutral impact on the environment and ethical employment.

Hempsy is proud to be part of this positive trend. When you look at the dog accessories market, you will surely find other products that are cheaper than ours. So let us tell you what you really pay for when you buy our stuff.







An investment in quality and a clear conscience

You receive high-quality dog accessories, handcrafted in our workshop. Thanks to a moderate production effort, we refine every copy that comes out of it. So all our items are neatly made of the most durable plant material – hemp fiber. Thus – Hempsy these accessories will serve your dogs during various adventures for many years.

.But we do not only do sewing, we take care of the complete process, from raw material processing to packaging of ready-made accessories. Therefore, we maintain the entire technology, which at such scale of production generates a higher unit cost compared to mass production from cheap, imported synthetic materials. Wages for employees are also an important component of our prices. All our activities take place in Poland, and all people working for us are legally employed and fairly remunerated.












The added value of Hempsy products is their environmental friendliness. The fiber from which we make our stuff is fully biodegradable, so it will be harmless when it hits water, soil, or even if swallowed (unlike the aforementioned synthetics).

Your decisions have impact!

Regardless of whether you buy our eco dog accessories, high-quality clothes with a timeless design, or other products created in a sustainable and ethical way, you invest once and well in something that will serve you for many years to come. Thanks to this, you can make real savings and truly contribute to the reduction of generated waste as well as support fair, small businesses and their employees.


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